Tutoring Centre: Do we need it

In the last two decades or so, the world has witnessed a quantum shift in the way it does business from rocket science to the most rudimentary grocery store. Imposing chain stores, shopping malls, internet shopping, and there is an endless list of new enterprises that impact our lives. Behind these enterprises, a team of young professionals are at work to ensure that the customer is always in focus and customer satisfaction has taken centre stage of business today. To cater to this new trend, employers today look for well-rounded professionals with comprehensive knowledge of the diverse functions of business.

Thus, the era of specialists has now transitioned to specialist generalists!


Changing needs not addressed by traditional education systems.

Primary and secondary education in developed and developing economies globally has failed to address the changing needs of business effectively. As a result, many of our children are underprepared or unprepared to meet the challenges of the new age economy. Although we do talk of artificial intelligence and robots, the human brain can never be belittled because a human is almost always needed to ensure that these wonderful masterpieces deliver what they are expected to deliver and do not go berserk due to bad wiring or other glitches. More specialised services in Science, Artistic and Scholarship tutoring are needed to meet children’s interests.


Young minds need programming

There is an urgent need to program the young minds to adapt to the changing environment, and traditional schools are as yet unprepared to meet this challenge. Tutors and tutoring services can effectively fill this void and help our children with more focus on the market realities as they exist today. The need of the hour is, to create a synthesis between the orient and the occident. Some of the learning systems we have learned from our forefathers are still valuable and can effectively complement the offerings from the wired world. For a focused tutor, it is never difficult to determine where the lines should be drawn.



Unethical practices in the digital world

In the wired world, there are many services that help our children cheat the traditional methods of homework and assessment tests. Subject experts around the globe or even professional teachers from your own city or a city distanced by several thousand miles can prepare and deliver an assessment test or homework to your child when he/she is sleeping. The cost is often trivial, and the kids can meet that cost from their pocket money.

As parents/guardians, it is our responsibility to understand the dangers lurking behind this trend and guide our kids on the right path. Dangers of exposing our kids to the wired world early on are not limited to their assessments or homework. We, as parents/guardians ought to take charge and create a balance between what is good and what is not so good for our kids. The task is far from being easy, but a determined parent can steer the kids on the right path.


Tutors can help

Tutors and tutoring services, on the other hand, are individuals you can meet in flesh and blood and discuss the problems of your child. A tutor can also instantly recognize whether your child is genuinely focused on learning the allotted lessons or indulging in unethical practices described above. Most parents/guardians lack the wherewithal to undertake this policing. However, it should be understood that the idea is not to point the finger at every kid. On the other hand, we cannot afford to side step the fact that thousands of children across nations are providing superlative revenue to these none too ethical service providers on the global arena.

Still need reasons why tutoring is important for your kids?

If you are still looking for reasons why tutoring is important for your kids, consider these:

  • One to one learning
  • Ability to analyse behavioural patterns
  • Identifying weak spots and taking corrective action
  • Frequent interaction with parents when intervention is desirable
  • Highlighting the importance of a strong primary/secondary education foundation for long-term goals
  • Motivation

Tutors can help


Customization is another huge advantage with tutoring. It is not a one size fits all which is the approach in schools. The tutor strikes a personal note with the child, and that helps in creating a healthy environment where the child is constantly motivated and encouraged to learn. Preparing for assessment tests or doing the homework are but natural processes in the course of study. Ingraining the ability to complete these tasks systematically and highlighting the achievements while focusing on areas needing improvement are the major tasks of the tutor. Therefore, when you engage the right tutor or tutoring service, this personalized rapport will make a huge difference to your child’s learning abilities.


Choose the right tutor or tutoring services

Guardians and parents should, however, choose the right tutor or tutoring service to get the best results. The digital world offers a slew of resources, and the first step is identifying what is available close to you. Zero down to some of the service providers who look promising at first sight and speak to some of them to understand their services at close quarters. References are important since you can gain a wide array of information about the particular tutor or tutoring service from people who have already used them.

We need to ensure the future of our kids and quality education is the best way that we can equip them to meet the challenges when they enter today’s highly competitive world. The effort that parents put in today will help our children scale great heights when they are ready to take the plunge at the end of their academic career.