Legal Fun Run

The legal community of Victoria and its thousands of members come together every year to run the Legal Fun Run. This tradition has been continuing for over 30 years now!

Runners On Racing Track

The participants can choose from the listed two options:

8km: You need to finish (run or walk) the 8km circuit.
4km: You need to finish (run or walk) the 4km circuit.

There are categories for the runs, and finishers from every category are eligible to win prices-

Fastest runner under 30 – male & female
Fastest runner 30-39 – male & female
Fastest runner 40-49 – male & female
Fastest runner 50-59 – male & female
Fastest runner over 60 – male & female

At the end of the race, thousands of participants and the audiences can enjoy a gourmet BBQ by the Yarra River to celebrate the end of the race!

Runners Celebrating End Of Race

Benefits of this event:

$1 of all ticket sales are donated funds raised support Wellbeing and the Law Foundation (WATL).
An excellent opportunity to do some fun exercise.
An opportunity to do some networking in the legal field.
Enjoy delicious food with friends and other people from the legal field.