Special Guide to host your next corporate function

Corporate events are undoubtedly one of the best ways to give your business a reinvigorating boost. Not only does it bring in new clients, but it also helps to improve brand awareness, builds up your company’s profile and helps you to publicise your business, into grabbing new and profitable opportunities, overnight.
What are the most important points to keep in mind before booking the corporate event venues?

A single blunder at the event can have serious repercussions and can downtrod your company’s image and reputation. Organise your corporate event place and on the purpose and type of audience for the event.
Before you think to host a corporate event, here are some of the golden rules that you should keep in mind before booking a corporate event venue:

  • Since it’s the age of technology, no corporate event can be successful without digitalisation. Look if the booking place has Wi-Fi Connectivity, Projectors, and Audio Visual setup, etc. All your activities should preferably be digitally mapped and tracked and be hosted to the social media on a real-time basis.
  • The venue should ideally match the status and ethos of your company. The decors should not be too tacky, but it shouldn’t be too professional (or boring) either.
  • It is always preferable to host your event at the centre of the city or somewhere around the business capital of your country so that your guests could commute easily. Also, your venue should be in proximity to local amenities like hotels, hospitals, metros, restaurants, lodges, nearby attractions lifeguards, etc. Parking, Security, Restrictions and Safety measures are some of the other factors to consider.
  • Keeping the cost in mind, it is always preferable to look for a venue which can give you additional package benefits. For example, bonuses like photography, pools, VIP lounges or dressing rooms are always cherished by guests.
  • You are a corporate (or budget friendly) person, and most venues agree to negotiate. You can always cut down the cost by offering multi- year contracts upon successful conduction of the event by the venue managers.
  • The staff at the venue should be professional and experienced. Always look at previous feedbacks before choosing a site.
  • Always keep a Plan B in handy to avoid any nuisances of last minute cancellations or mishaps.

Trending Themes

Formal event arrangements and decors were so yesterday. Here is what you can do to inject life into your boring party:

Amusement Parks and Rides

Think out of the box and let your guests’ experience, Mild, Moderate and High–Thrilled rides to let some fresh oxygen flow to their working brain! Who knows after that extra adrenaline rush, your client gets you a new business contract!
Luna Park in Melbourne has it all. Their Conference room is sound proof and also equipped with all the latest gadgets for hassle-free presentations and communications. To book a corporate function at Luna Park, visit their site. They offer flexible event spaces to suit any size of business function. Their some of the rides that are an all-time favourite and are suitable for people of all ages are – Sky Rider Ferris wheel, Scenic Railway and Silly Serpent. If your business clients come along with family and kids, you can install rides like Vertical Chair and Merry Go Round as well.

Carnival shows

Island Summer Carnival in Phillip Island can create a fancy carnival theme to bring power to the event. Add this up with carnival prizes and exotic gifts to create the enigma. Guests can experience a new joy with every step they take, such as glimpses of vertical dancers and acrobats, circus, plays, musical shows and more. In this digital age, you can also offer the presentation in the form of light shows to showcase your new corporate agenda.

Food Options

Know your audience well before installing the food station at your event. Depending on the season and the time, the menu should be the centre of attraction of your event. Just not the taste, even the food presentation matters hugely at corporate events. From classic dishes to moderate and exotic dishes, you should showcase a glimpse of everything on the buffet station. Do not forget to install a bar station as well, with a wide menu of cocktails and mocktail. No doubt that most of your clients would be weight conscious as well- so make sure that the chefs prepare only healthy and hygienic foods. You can also choose mobile food options, like Kubarz, where bars come with a range of options and looks for your corporate event.

Separate Conference Rooms

Besides all those amusements and excitements, there should also be a separate conference room to do all those secret dealings and real business conversations.
Make sure that you don’t make loud arrangements for the meeting, and you should have arrangements ready for any additional guests as well. To go out of the box, you can also arrange conferences at the poolside.
Always make sure that you plan and promote your corporate event well in advance. To stay in the limelight, take help of social media. Create a buzz about your company’s trends- before and after hosting the event.

Writen by Billie Hill